Monikha B. is a lifestyle accessories brand designed for the cultural nomad, the free spirit, the girl with attitude, the world traveler, the surf-loving city-dwelling chick who adapts to her surroundings no matter what the situation.

Monikha B. is all about natural elegance and ease.

Monikha B. believes in carrying around as much joy and respect for others and the Earth as possible.

Monikha B. believes in letting go of all the bad stuff and carrying around only the good stuff.

That said, the good stuff deserves to be carried around in a great bag… and a great bag is always the one that expresses our mood, reflects our personality and is just right for each moment of our life. It’s the one that clinches that perfect look. It makes us smile when we think of the last time we wore it and delivers just the right dose of a certain “je ne sais quoi.”

Our vision and values guide and inspire every aspect of our business.


  • To inspire moments of true awareness, levity, joy and surprise
  • To make carrying whatever the load that much easier
  • To do good and help our partners, collaborators and customers do good, too - naturally and effortlessly


  • Hand-loomed & Crafted Leather Handbags
  • Canvas Handbags
  • Leather Belts
  • One-of-a-kind Love Charms

OUR BUSINESS is about…


Creating a healthy work environment where people are inspired to work for - and with - each other in an honest, dependable, responsible and selfless way.


Bringing the world a collection of quality handbags and accessories that seem to anticipate & celebrate all the moments and moods of a lifetime.


Nurturing an incredible network of customers, collaborators and suppliers that work together to create excellence…of self, thought, action, and the Monikha Bv product and experience.


Being a responsible brand that respects our planet and its resources, engages and listens to the needs of the communities it interacts with and actively participates in and supports their sustainable growth and development.


Maximizing long-term return to shareholders while being mindful of overall responsibilities.


Being highly effective, lean and responsive.



Through travel, day to day life & cultural exchanges we create & inspire products that make the day to day of our customers brighter, simpler and organically elegant.


Allows for a new sense of hope and creates a space for positive energy to flourish. There is nothing more impactful than the honest truth. If we don’t believe in it, we don’t make it.


Anyone who aspires to change the way things are done values courage. If we don’t have the courage to face, challenge & improve our own actions, how can we expect others to do so?


Thought, care and craftsmanship go into creating bags that give our customers a great experience kindling a mindset where every moment can be appreciated in its totality.


We bring together like-minded people that share our sensibilities & joy.


We adapt seamlessly to every moment of your life.


From the factories we choose to the design and details of our product we are dedicated to creating something that makes your life easier and also touches other lives in a good way. It is a wonderful feeling to carry around with you.


There is nothing we value more than freedom. Everyone deserves the space to simply be and appreciate the unique moments that life presents us with.

The Designer

Monika has spent most of her life as a cultural nomad. Born in Brazil to an international banker dad and beauty queen mother, Monika moved to Rotterdam at age 2, Sydney at age 4, Madrid at age 10, Rio de Janeiro at age 12, São Paulo at age 15 and was living and working in New York by age 26.

Creativity, meeting people and traveling have always been Monika’s passions. Monika studied Industrial Design and Fashion Design in São Paulo, Brazil. After working as an accessories designer making bags and belts that were functional but fun, Monika felt a big pull in her heart and moved to New York City, the place she knew she was meant to be.

She arrived in the Big Apple in 1998, stepping off the plane with a leather tote she had made for herself -- big enough to hold her computer, sneakers, books and make-up bag but that was also modern and pretty. She studied fashion buying and merchandising at The Fashion Institute of Technology. After graduation, she decided to focus on a public relations career using her creative vision and uncanny knack in bringing the right people together to generate excitement and change for renowned brands and professionals including Levi’s, Tommy Hilfiger, Diesel and MGI/ Marion Greenberg Inc. All the while, she still continued to make a few totes that her friends fought over and begged her to make more of.

After 10 years of spearheading campaigns, organizing memorable runway shows and taking brands to the next level, Monika told herself that it was time for a change. The gypsy in her just couldn’t sit still. Visions of bags – big, small, bold, simple - just kept popping up inside her head and finally, she knew these bags would not leave her alone until they were created. Drawing on her experience and the help of the people she met in the fashion world, many of whom she considers her greatest teachers and mentors, she founded Monikha B.

Monika currently splits her time between homes in São Paulo and New York ( and a lot of fun places in between ). These days her product is designed and produced in the USA and Brazil. Her intention is to collaborate internationally with artists and communities across the globe providing her clients with a wonderful array of bags and accessories.

Monika loves surf & sunsets, travel, cooking, drinking good wine and listening to people talk about their lives all over. Her favorite methods of transportation are dreaming, flying and the NYC subway.